Other Rig:
Rig 1500 Hp FMR Land Shark
Rig 1500 Hp FMR Land Shark


Hook Capacity:      770 kips

Mast Height:          142 ft

Mast Width @ floor: 22 ft

Lines to Block:         12

Setback Capacity:  500 kips

Floor Height:            26.25 ft

Clear Under Rotary: 22.00 ft

All Our Equipment are in compliance with:

- Quality Control Program

- Mast, Substructure and Crown Block

- Drawworks, Mud Pumps, Rotary Table

- Traveling Equipment

- Wire Rope

- Guidelines for Electrical Equipment

- EX-Proof Electrical Equipment

- Structural Steel Building

- Structural Steel Building Stress Design Spec.

- Structural Joints w/ ASTM A325/A490 Bolts Spec.

- Building/Structure Minimum Design Load Spec.

- Steel Product Mechanical Testing Standards and Def.

- Straight-Beam Ultrasonic Exam Standard Spec for

- Special App Rolled Steel Plate

- Structural Welding Code

- NDT Qualification and Certification of Personnel

- Stairways and Ladders



API Spec Q1

API Spec 4F

API Spec 7K

API Spec 8A

API Spec 9A

API RP 500



AISC S335-89





ASTM A578/A578M


ISO 9712

OSHA Pub. 3124

FMR Features

- Moves in 22 Loads

- No cranes required

- Integrated Top Drive System

- Superior Drawworks System

- Extreme Rig Component Customability

- Safer Rig System

- Enhanced Substructure Stability

- Less Hydraulic Cylinders

- Greater Mast Capacity

- Advanced HMI Synchronized Hydraulic Lifting System

- Easier Winterization Capability

- Proven Design with 70+ Rigs in operation US alone

- Layout shows only 18 truckloads needed, others are - for pipe racks and manifolds.

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