Logistical solution overseas

We provide to our customer a cost-effective freight shipping solution worldwide, our services include ocean freight, air freight, ground transportation and warehousing.


Ocean freight service:

We offer a service for all types of cargo consolidated shipment, full-container loads, and charters, we choose the carriers with the schedule that fit your needs to any destination.


Air freight service:

We have the capability of manage all your air cargo needs of any size and weight to any destination worldwide, beside of the regular fly’s schedule, we can offer next day delivery, fully charter fly’s and hand carrier.


Ground transportation:

We count with a large list of independent truck contractors and owner operated truck to assure to fulfill your ground needs and transportation, we can get where you need to.


Warehousing service:

We count we a large warehouse to manage your merchandise and cargo, we can offer repackaging, palletizing, labeling and sample preparation, we can customized the service to fits all your needs


Emergency Service:

We can offer an express service delivery for you emergency needs so your Op’s should not to be interrupted.

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